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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Depressed and Disappointed

Someone was messing with my mental health lately.
Its a common thing for me, but never came from someone I've considered a good friend.
Why? Just why?

Why would you talk to me like that, with the smirk and all.
I really hate it. The accusation, restriction, the cold and distant feeling.
I know I shouldn't feel like this toward you, I shouldn't resent you because you're a friend.

But I am too, your friend.
So you shouldn't do that to me in the first place!
I might blurt my heart out one day.
Cause I'm just someone who cannot really hold my thoughts.
But considering it'll affect people around me, I will try my very best to control my mouth.
Maybe setup a distant and some boundaries between me and you would be good too.

#resentment #disappointment #Iizsed

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