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Monday, July 17, 2017

Poring Hot Spring


I suddenly felt the urge to write about Poring Hot Spring, Ranau. One of the most famous destinations in Sabah. Lots and lots of my friend asked about this place when they're planning to come and visit this place, yet I don't have that much time to answer one by one in much details. So, let me just put it in my blog (just because I said I want to come back and write), and when any of my friends texts me about this place again, I'll just give them the link to my post. I'll be very brief and writes only what you need to know though. You can Google the pictures and scenery as I am too lazy to browse pictures from my very limited storage.

Poring Hot Spring is in Ranau, Sabah
RM1 (below 12 years old)
RM3 (adult)
Different rate for foreigner, I think its around RM15

There's a lot of small stalls selling basic necessities and souvenirs outside the gate, foods etc. Inside, there's also some restaurants and convenient store, but let me remind you, the rate for the goods around the place are higher than usual, obviously because of its popularity among tourists.

The pools are divided into two section. Hot and Cold (like Katy Perry.jk). You are free to roam around and use any facilities around the Hot area, but you need to pay an additional fees (RM1 if I am not mistaken) to go to the Cold pools. There are several pool depth you can choose from, depends on your comfortability, ranging from knee high to 8 ft pool. There's also a mini water slide (I called it mini, or baby.lol) and its fun to be there if there are any activities with friends or families. Other than that, there's nothing much, except if you're interested for a nice sunbathing session.

In the hot area, the are 1 knee high to 8 ft cold pool, or also known as 'Rock Pool' probably because of its 'rocky' appearance lol. The water are damn cold (for some reasons), almost felt llike an icy water. In the same place, you can find many small houses that offered jacuzzi if you prefer some privacy and relaxing. Personally, I think the jacuzzis are fine, more space and always in a good condition. Credits to the staffs for the well maintain! You can use the jacuzzi at RM35 per hour if I am not mistaken. Or was it even cheaper? I don't think it will exceed RM35 though.
You can find many things to do in Poring Hot Spring such as take a walk in the park and visit the nature, butterfly garden, bamboo garden, or if you're into adrenalline rush activities, you can try the Canopy Walk there, should be less than 1 hour walk. The fees should be not ove Rm5 (for local). Or if you want more adventure, you can do some hiking activities and indulge yourself in the forest and waterfall. You will need a good 15 minutes walk (with a little bit of hike) to reach the first mini waterfall. Personal comments: The water are nice, its chilly, but the waterfall is good enough to soak your feet and for some fresh air. Or, you can choose a 3 hours+ (depending on your stamina) to reach the magnificent Langanan waterfall (I really do think it fell straight from heaven!!! *crying*). Have a look in my instagram for some photos of the waterfall :D

The 3 hours gonne be so worth it, and it'll also kill your legs.lol

So that is all you should expect to find in Poring Hot Spring. Other facilities are changing and shower rooms, eqquipped with toilets. There's a rental place for the floats, and plenty of small hut to take a rest and/or put you bags, etc. You can also go to their office to rent a locker room for just RM2 (!!!) to keep your valuable.

I kinda missed that place now, should visit again some times soon!

Till then, have a nice day!

Additional footnotes:
Beware of the leech during your Langanan Waterfall hike!

Sunday, July 09, 2017


I remembered how my insecurities bout my looks haunt me a decade ago by a friend
Just because she wears make ups and I don't. You know, the teenagers years, oily face, pimples here and there, and no one care....or so we hope.

Then came this 'superior' friend of mine, pointing out my flaws (not just me tbh, she's pointing at several friends who has this no make up face) and that is where exactly my insecurities started. Building it up in the past 10 years is hard, I am a very shy person, but thanks to my surrounding, I grew up and is nor more confident to even speak in front a tons of people. I seriously never talk about this because its some kind of a wound inside me.

Then again, my decade of masterpiece was ruined in just a week. And it scarred me, and I overreact. I did not regret anything though. No one should have the right to complaints about your looks, your image, you shape unless you're dying and you seems to desperately needs help.

I am unsure how long I need to heal, but one thing I learned in a span of a week is to learn to forgive. This is the importance of joining an online community for your depressions, insecurities etc.

sincerely, I'm still trying.


Friday, July 07, 2017

For the first time again, in 2017

Been busy with life, juggling with this and that, I reaaaally hope that I can end my Master level education soon (I will). hoho

When I said 'busy' its not like busy 'busy'. But its really busy. I am thankful though to those persons who contributed A LOT in my life. If its not for those specific people, I don't think I am able to enjoy life as much.

Few weeks a go (or months), I am super depressed that I thought I am going insane. I can feel the depression where nothing or no one seems to be able to lift up your spirits. Having someone whom I can talk to and spill every single beans (!!!) is a blessing. I thanked God for that. For right now, I am fighting with my own demon to push the stresses and depressions away.

If you think depression is just a mere stresses, and think its similar to your teenagers-hormonal-changing behavior, then boy, you're in the wrong. Because depression is no joke. There seems to be no way out. Right now, I think I still had those tiny bits of depressions punya aura inside, and I am working on healing!

I read some articles, they mentioned something about writing can reduce depression. Being someone whom never like a pen or pencils (for a lengthy writing), I decided to MAYBE come and visit here once in a while (recommended daily though.hmm).

For those who are currently fighting their depressions, you can do it! and please don't allow the negativity to consume you! Find someone to talk to, your bestfriend, parents, close friends, teachers, counselor, anyone. The first step is the hardest, but the rewards are undeniable amazing.


Sunday, June 05, 2016

Hello 2016

Sometimes I wondered, did my boyfriend came here and read my old posts?lol
*Cause if you do, please take notes that it was long before us.hahahahaha*
yes, my boyfriend. I am finally settling down for good.lol
currently in a good relationship which we both hope will eventually end in happiness. Amen...

it's mid 2016 now.
wth have I been doing in the first half of 2016? o.O
suddenly felt very nervous here. especially bout my studies.urgggh
aaaaand, good-new things will come soon.
Just wait for it. I hope it'll be a big surprises for everyone.jahahaha

it's 2 am now by the way. Ramadhan (fasting month) is just in the corner,
I'm wishing everyone Happy Ramadhan, have a blessed month and may Allah pour us
with HIS blessing. amen.
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