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Friday, July 07, 2017

For the first time again, in 2017

Been busy with life, juggling with this and that, I reaaaally hope that I can end my Master level education soon (I will). hoho

When I said 'busy' its not like busy 'busy'. But its really busy. I am thankful though to those persons who contributed A LOT in my life. If its not for those specific people, I don't think I am able to enjoy life as much.

Few weeks a go (or months), I am super depressed that I thought I am going insane. I can feel the depression where nothing or no one seems to be able to lift up your spirits. Having someone whom I can talk to and spill every single beans (!!!) is a blessing. I thanked God for that. For right now, I am fighting with my own demon to push the stresses and depressions away.

If you think depression is just a mere stresses, and think its similar to your teenagers-hormonal-changing behavior, then boy, you're in the wrong. Because depression is no joke. There seems to be no way out. Right now, I think I still had those tiny bits of depressions punya aura inside, and I am working on healing!

I read some articles, they mentioned something about writing can reduce depression. Being someone whom never like a pen or pencils (for a lengthy writing), I decided to MAYBE come and visit here once in a while (recommended daily though.hmm).

For those who are currently fighting their depressions, you can do it! and please don't allow the negativity to consume you! Find someone to talk to, your bestfriend, parents, close friends, teachers, counselor, anyone. The first step is the hardest, but the rewards are undeniable amazing.


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