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Sunday, July 09, 2017


I remembered how my insecurities bout my looks haunt me a decade ago by a friend
Just because she wears make ups and I don't. You know, the teenagers years, oily face, pimples here and there, and no one care....or so we hope.

Then came this 'superior' friend of mine, pointing out my flaws (not just me tbh, she's pointing at several friends who has this no make up face) and that is where exactly my insecurities started. Building it up in the past 10 years is hard, I am a very shy person, but thanks to my surrounding, I grew up and is nor more confident to even speak in front a tons of people. I seriously never talk about this because its some kind of a wound inside me.

Then again, my decade of masterpiece was ruined in just a week. And it scarred me, and I overreact. I did not regret anything though. No one should have the right to complaints about your looks, your image, you shape unless you're dying and you seems to desperately needs help.

I am unsure how long I need to heal, but one thing I learned in a span of a week is to learn to forgive. This is the importance of joining an online community for your depressions, insecurities etc.

sincerely, I'm still trying.


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